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Frequently asked questions

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Three plans are available which are ; 10/2 , 9/3 and 12/4. For example: The total amount will be divided by 10 and the student will pay the two months of EMI as down payment along with the processing fees at the time of purchase.
PLAN: 10/2
Course fee: 60,500 Initial down payment(EMI of 2 months) : 6050 x 2 = 12,100 + 767 (processing fee) 6050 every month for the next 8 months
767 Rupees
PanCard and Aadhar Card number. If the student or his/her parents are already a customer of Bajaj they can directly provide Bajaj Card number or the registered contact number.
23 - 60 Years (candidate who ever is going for the EMI)
The EMI starts getting deducted from next month.
The Bajaj team will take the necessary actions.
There will be a fine incase of delay in the payment, amount varies as per the course fee or the EMI amount.
3 days
It is mostly because of low Cibil score. So if it is rejected, one cannot apply again.